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UBA Internet Banking 2018: Register, Features & Login Details

Mobile and internet banking are becoming hard to ignore in Nigerian banking sector in 2018. Banks that doesn’t have them are said to be lagging behind and this article is about uba internet banking guide. uba internet banking

Internet banking is a system of payment that allow bank customers to perform financial transactions through websites.

Nowadays, mobile banking apps come with virtually all features of internet banking and are easier to access and use.

The major difference here is that internet banking gives you access to your bank account via your bank’s website while mobile banking give access via mobile apps. But they offer almost the same features.

Personally, i most of the time prefer mobile banking to internet banking.

UBA Internet Banking: How to Register/Apply, Features & Login Details (User ID & Password).

United bank of Africa has created one of the best internet banking platform for it customers across Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Applying for uba internet banking takes less than minute and comes with numerous features.

UBA is active in 19 African countries and has numerous branches across Nigeria. It is one of the best and largest banks in Nigeria.

This article contains details on how to register, key features of UBA online banking and how to get back your login details in case you forget it.

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Features of UBA Internet Banking 2018.

Below are the key features of united bank of Africa internet banking platform.

  • Buy airtime.
  • Funds transfer.
  • Account monitoring.
  • Bills payment.
  • Book flights.
  • Cyber Receipt.
  • Instant self-registration.

Requirements for UBA Online Banking.

To register for uba online banking, you need the following.

  • Active account with united bank of Africa (uba).
  • Internet enabled device (Android, iPhone, iPad, PC).
  • UBA internet banking login page. Or web enrollment form.
  • Executed indemnity and hardware token or application to raise transaction limit (optional).

How to Apply/Register for UBA Internet Banking.

If you have met all the above requirement or all but the last one, you are eligible to register for online banking with uba.

  • Navigate to their internet banking login page.
  • Click/Tap on Instant Self-Registration.
  • Input your account number and card details into the appropriate box. Click on continue.
  • Set your password.
  • You will be redirected to your profile dashboard.

You can also walk into any branch of UBA close to you to apply.

That’s all on applying for uba online banking. Your login credentials will be e-mailed to you. It is a pass-coded pdf file and you can access it using the last 7-digit of your account number.

If you have more than one type of account with uba, the last 3-digit of the account number used to pass-code the pdf file is stated in the email.

How to Reset or Retrieve Your Forgotten Login Details (User ID & Password).

You can only login to your internet banking profile dashboard using user id and password. So in case you forget or wish to change them, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to uba online banking login page.
  • If you forget both user id and password.
    1. Click on forget user id? to retrieve it to your registered email address.
    2. Then click on forget password?. Enter your user id and provide answer to your security question.
  • If you forget only your password, just click on forget password and follow the step above.

You can also change or personalize your User ID.

  • Click on Personal Profile menu from your dashboard.
  • Then click Update User ID.

UBA Internet Banking Limitations & Charges.

Below are the charges that apply to each services. uba online banking charges

  • Intra bank transfer – Free.
  • Inter bank transfer – N52.50 Naira.
  • Airtime purchase – Free.
  • Bills payment – N100 Naira.

Check the image below for uba online banking transaction limitations. uba internet banking limits

That’s all guys on uba internet banking. Don’t forget to share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

Updated: August 3, 2018 — 8:28 am

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